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Plastic Bag Stasher

January 8, 2012

Materials: Size H hook

(MC) Main color-worsted weight yarn (appx 4-5 oz)

(AC) Alternating color-worsted weight yarn (appx 2 oz)

With MC chain 60, then join the chain being careful not to twist. Ch 3 and dc in each chain around, join w/slip stitch in top of ch 3. Do not turn, continue to work in rounds.

Rnd 2-ch 1, sc in first dc, ch 1, skip next dc, *sc in next stitch, ch 1, skip next dc (repeat from *), join w/slip stitch

Rnd 3-ch 3, dc in each sc and each ch space, join w/slip stitch

Rnd 4-ch 3, dc in each dc, join w/slip stitch

Rnd 5-join AC, ch 1, sc in each dc, join w/slip stitch

Rnd 6-join MC, ch 3, dc in each sc, join w/slip stitch

Rnds 7-30-repeat rnds 4-6

Rnd 31-repeat rnd 4

Rnds 32-33-repeat rnds 2-3. Cut yarn and weave in ends.

With AC chain 90, cut yarn and tie ends to secure (make 2) Weave through “mesh” made at both ends of bag stasher made on rounds 2 and 32.

To add hanger-with AC or MC slip stitch inside of bag stasher at top of round 3 in center back, chain 25 and then slip stitch again in same spot. Cut yarn and weave in ends. Enjoy!